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Fur & Sheepskin Remodelling

Is your old fur or sheepskin coat too, big and bulky..?


Have you inherited a fur or sheepskin coat and want to retain its sentimental value..?

Contact Us for a no obligation consultation and quote to revive your coat. There are many possibilities – let ChicSkin inspire you!.


Although fashion, styles and tastes are continually changing, that shouldn’t be the end of the road for your coat.


ChicSkin and it’s team can assist with all your remodelling requirements.


Whilst most fur or sheepskin jacket designs are timeless, should yours become outdated, our remodelling and redesigning service can revive your fur and sheepskin jacket with a modern look to reflect modern trends. If you’ve inherited a fur, retain its sentimental value by transforming it into a new modern coat.


Remodelling a fur or sheepskin coat is a great investment, bringing back to life a piece of clothing that you will look and feel glamorous in with a feeling that will last for years.


Here are ways we can give your coat a new lease of life:


If small changes aren’t enough, we may be able to completely remodel and cut down your old fur coat into a sporty fur stroller with a hood, for example.

Contact Us for a no obligation consultation and quote, or visit us at our showroom.”


No Waste


Leftover material from the remodelling of your fur coat can be made into a fur stole, scarf, headbands, hoods or earmuffs.

Shearing down your mink coat (taking off the top hairs leaving you with the soft, silky feel) and turning it into a mink lined raincoat is another possibility.


Adding fur to non-fur coats such as wool or cashmere can add a touch of elegance to these garments. Possibly a pair of mink, fox or even sable cuffs and a new fur collar can give you a brand new design.

To discuss the many possibilities, please phone us, email us or come to our shop for a private consultation.